Deferred Payouts

Support can't speed up deferred requests

Any support tickets created regarding deferred payments will be ignored. We apologize.

Recently had a payout deferred? Well, you've come to the right place.

What is a "deferred payout"?

Occasionally we'll defer a payout if we think it may be the effect of fraudulent activity, or its value is particularly high. Members who have a long history of successful transactions are much less likely to have this occur.

Deferred payouts are temporarily delayed for 30 days to ensure that the transactions involving them aren't fraudulent. After 30 days, the payout request will rejoin the queue and will be processed as normal.

How can I track the time left?

You can't; at least right now. Sorry.

Why did this happen to me?

The most common reasons are listed below. There are not the only circumstances for which your payment can be deferred, just the most common.

  • You're requesting a large amount of money very quickly
  • You're a new user requesting a large amount of money
  • Your history contains suspicious activity
  • You created the request using a VPN/proxy


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